How Invoice Factoring Works

U.S. Financial Makes Factoring A Very Simple Process!

Invoice factoring is a way to get paid for your invoices immediately after shipping the goods or delivering your services.  We pay you now instead of you waiting 30 – 90 days for your payment.  This means you can accurately budget your cash flow because you have steady, predictable income for payroll, marketing, expansion or whatever you need the cash for.

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Factoring is a Four Step Process:

Invoice factoring give you immediate access to your cash and allows you to predictably budget your cash flow.

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1. Deliver the services or goods

You deliver the goods or complete the service for your customer.

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2. Submit the invoice to us

You send a copy of the invoice to us for factoring. Yes, It's that easy!

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3. You receive immediate cash

We wire 70-80% of the invoice amount to you immediately. The exact percentage is determined upfront during your initial set-up.

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4. We receive payment for the invoice

Once we receive payment for the invoice we wire you the remaining funds less our small discount fee.

Most Credit Scores Accepted

We approved most credit types and scores for invoice factoring. We can also help most types of companies or industries. Call one of our friendly representatives to discuss how we can help you improve your companies cash flow.

Quick Application and Set-up

Our one-page application takes about 5 minutes to complete. Once we have that we can usually get back to you very quickly that same day for approval and rates. We make the process as simple and fast as possible. Experience the difference with U.S. Financial.


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